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4 Your Hair Extensions is a must if you are trying achieve the most natural looking weaves in Toronto!

In addition they use great products like Morrocan Oil and Abba treatments that keep your natural hair in excellent condition. I'm addicted! Ever since Angellina introduced me to cuticle hair I've become a permanent fan, and people have always complimented me on my "hollywood hair"! Even when my hair was short her weaves where undetectable and people would ask if that was my "real" hair. Using this type of weave system gives your hair a break from everyday abuses, and now my natural hair has grown past 12 inches!! Being in the public eye, hosting events etc , my hair has to look great, and 4 Your Hair Extensions is essential in maintaining that look that will turn heads.

- Baby G, Radio Host 105.5 FM

Mimi, thank you so much...

for doing such a great job on my hair for the video. You're the best. Thank you.

- Jenna, Singer

4 Your Hair Extensions has provided me with the best hairstyles!!!

After I used their product, my hair looks amazing! Thanks to my 100% virgin cutical hair extensions, I have had every look from curly to straight; and the quality of the extensions is incredible. People always believe it.

- Regular Client

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